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This product is almost pH neutral when applied-
between pH 7 and 7.6 and is non-abrasive.
It cleans more effectively than more aggressive cleaning products,
it removes all difficult organic fouling without damaging surfaces
or even removing shine. Great for sensitive surfaces and heavily
soiled areas. (Not for use on polycarbonate (Lexan®).
- Removes virtually any stubborn organic stain without any abrasives or
harsh solvents.
- Removes carbon fouling, scuff marks, cosmetic and lotion stains, soiling
from frequently touched surfaces, and a wide variety of other aggressive
organic deposits.
- Made from pure soaps blended to reinforce the cleaning power of each
individual type of soap yet is safe to use on most any solid surface. Not
safe for polycarbonate (Lexan®).
Excellent cleaning results on:
- high-gloss varnish
- imitation leather
- polished stainless steel
Available in 2 sizes
and includes an
application sponge
(A little goes a long way.)
Permanon PS
Universal Cleaning Paste
is a completely different
and very effective product
based on a mixture of high quality soaps
instead of the conventional abrasive
compounds usually found in cleaners.

Check out our Happy Cove test at the bottom of the page.

- plastics
- various metals
- stone and tiles
For tough organic contaminations such as:
- oil and grease deposits
- fuel residues
- silicone deposits
- algae infestation
- verdigris

- black streaks
- mold deposits
- mildew
- ink, felt tip markers and graffiti
- exhaust and soot sediments
Left Panel,
after 1 full minute of scrubbing
with a clean terry cloth rag and
an extremely concentrated
(more than recommended)
solution of a popular boat soap.
Right Panel:
after 30 seconds scrubbing with Permanon Paste,
using the included sponge.
I stopped after 30 seconds,
because in half the time it was already cleaner and
much whiter than the popular boat soap section.
Depending on the degree of contamination the PS Paste is rubbed into the heavily contaminated surface on a moist sponge in a circular motion. Rinse with running water afterwards or rub off with a moist cloth. Finished!!
Our own Happy Cove test on the dirty waterline of a white inflatable boat.
(The photos donít fully display how much whiter the Permanon section was.)
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Named as magic soap in the French press, it beats all by its sheer
effectiveness, use PS Paste once, and you will be convinced.
Non toxic, non-flammable, solvent-free and completely biodegradable.