Color  Steps  Model  Length  Weight  Price.
White    2   P186362  55cm    3kg   $165.00
White    3   P186364  75cm    4kg   $195.00
White    4   P186366  95cm    5kg   $240.00
Blue     2   P186363  55cm    3kg   $140.00
Blue     3   P186365  75cm    4kg   $170.00
Blue     4   P186367  95cm    5kg   $215.00
All LadderFenders are 25cm wide x 12cm thick
in 2 colors
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Hanging Points
Step Surfaces
I carry my regular fenders and one ladder fender. The ladder fender has proven to be useful if not essential many times. Glen,
Climbing aboard a sail boat
Silas on our fender ladder
Waiting for a smaller boat to raft up
Access to tender when its tied to the bow
(These ship directly from the distributor to addresses in the 48 contiguous US states only.)
Protects topsides and enables easy access on board.
Available in Blue or White, with 2, 3 or 4 steps.
Made from soft PVC, yet extremely strong.
Ladder Fenders are distributed by Plastimo.
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Ladder Fenders
ship to continental
US addresses only