FENDERS                                            COVERS

IF1224 -12x24"/30x62cm  -up to 45'  $119.00       C1224   $35.00
IF1332 -13x32"/33x80cm  -up to 50'  $146.00       C1332   $44.00
IF1342 -13x42"/33x106cm -up to 50'  $165.00       C1342   $54.00
IF1432 -14x32"/36x80cm  -up to 60'  $158.00       C1432   $61.00
IF1442 -14x42"/36x106cm -up to 70'  $176.00       C1442   $71.00
IF1632 -16x32"/41x82cm  -up to 65'  $170.00       C1632   $71.00
IF1642 -16x42"/41x106cm -up to 70'  $183.00       C1642   $84.00
IF1832 -18x32"/40x80cm  -up to 85'  $184.00       C1832   $84.00
IF1842 -18x42"/46x106cm -up to 85'  $194.00       C1842   $91.00
IF1860 -18x60"/46x153cm -up to 100' $230.00       C1860  $113.00
IF2442 -24x42"/61x115cm -up to 150' $257.00       C2442  $122.00
IF2460 -24x60"/61x153cm -up to 200' $276.00       C2460  $151.00
Choose Size 12-14in Diameter Fenders
Salt Gear Heavy-Duty, 1.5 MM Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Inflatable Fenders are designed for superior performance and years of convenient, dependable use.  Used to protect your vessel at the marina, traveling locks, rafting up with other boats or buffering pilings in waves and storms.
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Lightweight, extremely durable and requiring minimal storage space.  Hand glued with seam reinforcement inside and out for added strength and durability. Both ends feature stainless steel D-ring attachment points securely fastened to a nylon fabric strap.
Standard inflatable air valves provide quick (under one minute) inflation and deflation. In sizes for boats measuring 26' to 200'. Heavyweight fender covers available to protect your hullís finish and prolong the life of your inflatable yacht fenders. (Sold Separately)
Covers are 100% acrylic loop UV-protected knit fabric to look great and last season after season. Abrasion-resistant to hold up to the marine environment they perfectly fit Salt Gearô Inflatable Fenders and many others. Drawstring hem with barrel lock insures a custom fit and makes them easy to remove for washing.
Comes with 6 Year Limited Warranty:
Salt Gear Inflatable Fenders: Seams; separation of seams are covered for 6 years, Valve is covered for 1 Year. Warranty applies only to the original purchaser. All fenders are pressure tested and leak checked prior to leaving the factory.
Choose Size 16-24in Diameter Fenders
Choose Size 12-14in Diameter Covers
Choose Size 16-24in Diameter Covers