Unique, hard to find, quality products, other US retailers have overlooked.
On some products, we are the exclusive United States importer/agent.
(Retailers may contact us with bulk rate wholesale inquiries.)
HandyDuck is the best mooring
hook design we have ever seen.
Who says all line snubbers
have to look and work the same?
Bungy snubbers
are better.
Are you looking for fender hangers
that fit larger rails?
Slip Over
FastFender is quick and easy.
2 models fit rails up to 1.25 or 1.5"
Stop cutting yourself.
Use Clamp-Aid on all your clamps.
If you're in search of a hard to
find product and can't locate it,
let us know.
Our researchers may be able
to track it down for you
and add it to our products.
2 products to use with that hose
you won't find in any chandlery.
Stop using
an expensive
pump with a
cheap switch.

High quality
Bilge Pump
that are
built to last.
Mark your anchor's position
with a self adjusting buoy/marker
More products coming soon
Lite Cylinder customers can click to view recall info.
Custom fender covers
and deck mats
Protect your boat & look good too
Designed for sailboats,
is no ordinary fender.
Imagine a better propane tank.
You can even see the fuel level.
Permanon PS Cleaning Paste
is different from other cleaners.
We have
you may not find
anywhere else.
We all keep a garden hose
on board to fill our tanks.
a legal
alternative to
marine flares
that meets
& doesn't need
to be replaced
every 3 years.
for any outdoor adventure.
the Anchor Turner does it,
Stop reaching down and
turning your anchor by hand
It's a ladder. It's a fender.
It's both and they're great.
Stay warm
FastFender is quick and easy.
2 models fit rails up to 1.25 or 1.5"
and stop
tripping over
portable heaters
Tired of high Power Cord prices?
High Tide offers quality cords
and adapters at fair prices.
Quality Inflatable Fenders
for yachts up to 200'