Dramm74      $15.25
Shut Off Valve
The Fogg-It Nozzle company
makes nozzles in 5 different flow rates
for watering delicate flowers.
We are prowd to offer 2 garden hose products
you won't find in any marine chandlery.
They come to us from the greenhouse industry,
but we keep them on our boat and use them often.
The Dramm74
Shut Off Valve
Home improvement
store valve
on the left
10 year old Dramm74
valve on the right
(Still works & looks like new)
3/8" opening                    5/8" opening
Small handle                     Large handle
Dramm 74 valves are full flow, most others are not.
(Some low cost full flow valves are available, but are poorly made.)

The Dramm74 is light weight and won't corrode.
(Some offer brass valves that look good, but are still poorly made.)

The Dramm 74 has a large easy to operate handle.
(Even with gloves, you'll never have trouble with this valve.)
Once you try a
Dramm74 Shut Off valve,
you'll never use
a hose valve from a
home improvement
store again.
The Fogg-It
Fogg-It       $7.75
Most retailers don't sell the nozzle with the
lowest flow rate of 1/4 gallon/min (at 40psi),
because it's not the best for watering,
but it's great for keeping cool on a hot day.
It's small,
easy to store,
uses very little water,
fits right on the end of your hose,
and feels so good when the temperature is high.
When we put a couple of these up at a
crowded waterside festival on a hot day,
we suddenly become the most
popular stop along the docks.