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Dial-A-Watt Heaters
(Not a portable unit on the floor, but built in wall mount)
A wealth of important information below, so please read.
The DAW1215-SS 120 Volt heater was previously also marketed as the CH1215-SS with the CH standing for Cabin Heater. In the CH version the optional thermostat and an attached power cord was included.
DAW1215-SS 120Volt $740.00 (in stock)
DAW1215-SS + PT-1  $790.00 (in stock)
DAW2022-SS 208Volt $740.00 (special order)
DAW2022-SS + PT-2  $800.00 (special order)
DAW2422-SS 240Volt $740.00 (special order)
DAW2422-SS + PT-2  $800.00 (special order)
120 Volt
208/240 Volt
Setting Options
This is the heater we have used while living aboard full time in the northeast.
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Although the CH is no longer available, the DAW heater itself is the same, but the thermostat is now an option that you add during installation along with a locally sourced power connection/cord and cord grommet.
(We suggest the PT-1 thermostat for 120 Volt models and the PT-2 for 208/240 Volt models.)
With no maintenance other than vacuuming out the dust seasonally we finally had our first fan failure after 15 years and that was the unit in the head that is exposed to more moisture and dust than any of the others.
We usually keep the thermostats at the highest setting and simply adjust the wattage as the outside temperature changes. This keeps the fans running 24/7 so there is no stale air and moisture build up.
Our 6 heaters, spread throughout the boat, are always running in winter, but never at full power, just enough power to stay comfortable. Turn up the wattage on cold days and at night, then turn down during the day.
The thermostat however is great when away from the boat for freeze protection or to limit power use when not needed.
Keep in mind, these are cabin heaters and ARE NOT ignition protected
bilge or engine room heaters for use where explosive vapors may collect.
Watch the total number if watts you draw, so you don't overload or blow circuits. Our boat is usually built with two 30 amp circuits, 1 for domestic use (outlets, water heater, microwave, etc.) and 1 for air conditioning.
The air conditioning circuit is used for half the heat in the winter and we added one more 30 amp circuit for the remainder of the heat. With this arrangement, the load is divided and we don't have to worry about a circuit tripping on a cold night. If you are unsure, ask your local marine electrician.
DAW installation instructions
Original CH1215 instructions
PT-1 single pole thermostat instructions
PT-2 double poll thermostat instructions
DAW series product info (cut) sheet
If you don't have enough height
to fit the DAW grill,
try the MKT heater.

Low profile, even fits in under cabinet kick space. 120 or 240 volt models all with dual wattage settings.
4.375 x 16.25" grill and optional single pole (120V) or double pole (240V) thermostat kits available.
All units are special order, so allow for extra time for delivery.

120 Volt Models $485.00
MKT1210-SS 500 / 1000 Watts
MKT1212-SS 600 / 1200 Watts
MKT1215-SS 750 / 1500 Watts
MKT-1-SS Thermostat +$45.00
240 Volt Models $485.00
MKT2410-SS 375 / 750 or 500 / 1000 Watts
MKT2412-SS 450 / 900 or 600 / 1200 Watts
MKT2415-SS 562 / 1125 or 750 / 1500 Watts
MKT-2-SS Thermostat +$60.00
Choose Model and Option
Choose Model and Option
MKT series product info (cut) sheet
Optional Built In Thermostat
(Single Pole for 120V Models, Double Pole for 208/240V)
120, 208 or 240 Volt Models
(Choose the one that's right for your application)
Thermal Overload Protection
(with indicator light & Heat-on Pilot Light)
Squirrel Cage Blower
(Quiet and Powerful)
Pick-A-Watt Element
(Multiple Wattage Selection)
Flange-Mount Wall Can
(6"H x 12.5W x 4.5"D)
Stainless Steel Grill
(7.5"H x 13.5"W x 0.5"D)
(Prices have increased due to new tariffs)