HandyDuck 22 Kit  $59.00
22mm jaw opening
Includes: HandyDuck & Set-Release Trigger Hook
(Does not include screws to mount Trigger Hook)
Threaded Adaptor  $15.00
Attach the Trigger Hook to
your threaded boat hook tip
(Includes screws & lock nuts - requires drilling)
To use the Handy Duck:
With the Trigger Hook attached to a pole, the HandyDuck attached to the Trigger Hook and a line between the HandyDuck and a cleat on the boat, approach the mooring, reach out with the pole/Trigger Hook/HandyDuck combination and snap the HandyDuck onto the ring at the top of the mooring. Then tug to disconnect the pole/Trigger Hook combination and the boat remains attached to the mooring via the line/HandDuck combination.
The HandyDuck 22 will fit ALMOST all mooring
rings, but we have heard of some unusual
moorings with rings that have thick plastic
coatings making them too large for
the standard 22mm HandyDuck jaw.
For these moorings we introduce the
HandyDuck 33 with the same strength
and features, but a 33mm jaw.
HandyDuck 33 Kit  $69.00
33mm jaw opening
Includes: HandyDuck & Set-Release Trigger Hook
(Does not include screws to mount Trigger Hook)
Retailers interested
in selling HandyDuck,
please contact us
for wholesale pricing.
The HandyDuckģ is simply the best
mooring hook design we've seen.
     Lifts 1500 kg (3300 lbs.)
     Holds boats up to 20 tons
      (Use snubbers to absorb shock loads)
Snaps on to moorings fast
     One tug & youíre on
Snaps off fast too
     Even releases under load
Made to last for years
     All non-corrosive materials
Several trigger mounting options
     Replace your boat hook tip
     Mount on a separate pole
     Optional threaded adaptor
Trigger Hook Only $12.00   
Carry a spare or use on a 2nd pole
(Does not include mounting screws)
To attach the Trigger Hook to a pole:
Use 2 screws to attach the Trigger hook to any 1" diameter pole or remove and replace the tip of your boat hook pole with the Trigger Hook. (May require drilling pilot holes.)
To use the threaded adaptor:
Thread the adaptor onto your threaded tip boat hook, broom stick or painters pole. (Only the threads on 1 end will fit.) Slide the Trigger Hook over the adaptor and turn to the desired position. Mark the upper hole position on the adaptor, remove the Trigger Hook, unscrew the adaptor and drill the hole for the upper screw. With the adaptor in the Trigger Hook and the screw in the upper hole, mark and drill the lower hole. Attach the Trigger Hook to the adaptor, upper screw first, using a long narrow tool to hold the nut. Attach the lower screw and nut to complete the threaded adaptor modification.
Happy Cove is the US
importer of the HandyDuck.
When disconnecting from the mooring, reach out with the same pole/Trigger Hook combination and using the opposite (curved) side, pull the HandyDuck release to disconnect from the mooring. Even if you use another method to permanently tie to the mooring or dock, use the Handy Duck for the quick grab and after the pressure is off switch to your permanent tie.
Accessory Sling   $33.50
Wraps around piles,
cleats and Bollards

(Does not include HandyDuck or Trigger Hook)
With the Accessory
Sling you can grab
piles cleats & bollards.
Of course, you will
still be able to release
the same easy way.

When using the sling or
anytime using HandyDuck,
insure the load pulls on
the black part of the
hook, not the yellow.
Use the links below to view or download instructions.
HandyDuck Instructions        -        Triggerhook Instructions        -        Sling Instructions