Self Adjusting      $410.00
Anchor Buoy
High Impact Plastic & Stainless Steel
30cm x 42cm (12"x16") 3.5kg (7 lbs)
20m (65') Webbed Belt
500kg (1100lb) Belt Strength
Stainless Buoy Rack $210.00
Double Spring Security Clips
fits 18 to 33mm rails (.75" to 1.25")
Adjustable Mounting Angle
35cm  x  13cm        0.7kg
Do Not Anchor Decal $5.00
Self Adheasive Decal
Prevents Mooring by Mistake
Mark your anchor's position with the original
SWI-TEC self adjusting anchor buoy.
Some mark their buoy
with their boats name.
•  More than 20 years on the market!
•  To a maximum water depth of 65 feet
•  Buoy is always positioned directly above the anchor
•  No calculations or guessing the length of line to let out
•  Specially designed self-rolling belt/strap mechanism
•  Can function as a trip line & tripping is easy
•  A tensile strength of up to 1100 Ibs
•  Precisely marks the anchorís set position
•  Includes a safety reflector
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